Day 3 in Madrid

This is from the 23rd, but this is when I can finally post it.


September 23, 2011

Well, some sort of frustration was to be expected.

For the past three days, I have been trying to get everything ready and settled. I’ve been looking for apartments, trying to open a bank account, getting a cell phone… pretty basic stuff—one would think.

Apartments: searched, visited, but still no luck. Sometimes when I call for info on advertisements I’ve seen online, they tell me that the conditions are different from those previously listed. For instance, today, when I responded to an ad the lady said that the place was available in November, not October as posted on the page. This slows down the process. (Plus I really liked that place!) Ugh.

When trying to open a bank account, I have encountered more problems than I ever have trying to open, well, a bank account back in the States. When I applied for this program, it said on the assistant manual that we should come with “an open mind”—and that’s what I’m reminded off every time things get hectic. “Open mind” has been my mantra.

My brother’s friend said she thinks I am stressing out. Maybe, a little. I used to do one thing after another back home, nonstop, and the sudden patient, easygoing way of living of Spaniards is driving me crazy. (I already knew this was going to happen—I’ve been here before. But since, I had become very independent, so this is different. Nevertheless, I’m handling it well.

So far I haven’t met people, so I miss my friends and family! And my boyfriend! A lot! I’m sure though that once I get a place that I can call home everything will feel so much better. I am looking forward to meeting my boyfriend here and traveling all over Europe and getting to know the culture some more. I can’t wait!

Thankfully, there’s always Spanish wine.


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