What I’ve been up to lately

Vodafone Geschäft bei Mainz

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On Friday, I visited some night clubs (and a few bars) with my brother around Ciudad Real. It is no different from restaurants—if you want a good feel of the place; a good crowd and ambiance, do not show up at the club before 2:00AM! Of course that’s probably going to take some getting-used-to-it. But I really think my boyfriend and I will be just fine with that. 🙂

I’ve been walking…everywhere. I think I might have even dropped some LB’s from all the walking. I cook my own meals and rarely eat out, only because I don’t want to sit at a restaurant all by myself (though that’s going to change soon!). The microwave we have at the house looks as if it was made of plastic, so I don’t trust it. I just unplugged it and pretend that it is not there.

About classes—I’ve been doing really good. I guess I now understand a lot of the techniques my teachers  used on the students, such as group projects and encouraged participation (as opposed to voluntarily raising our hands). I was not too bad of a student, but I used to hate being picked from the crowd against my will. Oh well. I think it helps the learning process.

So that sums up October thus far. Oh, did I mention that I went to Vodafone and got a cell phone today? (which number I don’t yet know because the girl forgot to give it to me or something). All she wrote down for me was the PIN for my SIM. I have to stop back by the store and ask what’s up. Also, the Internet should FINALLY be installed tomorrow! Very happy about that.

Next week will be an exciting one because my dear Chris is finally coming to Spain! We’ll have an itinerary ready soon so that we both are more effective with our time, my days off and our travels. I can’t wait. Sooo yeah…

¡Hasta la próxima!


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