I fell in love with Seville

Sevilla: What Dreams Are Made Of

Oh, Sevilla. There’s something about Sevilla. ¡Que ciudad tan encantadora! Lovely city.

La Torre del Oro

Thursday evening Chris and I arrived in Seville for the weekend. I must say, there was an instant connection between us; its weather and its vibe. I fell in love with Seville! Like everywhere else we’ve been to in Spain, Seville, too, has its narrow little streets and old-fashioned buildings that are a delight to the eyes of those with an appreciation for amazing architecture (or simply delightful to anyone, really).

We stayed at Hostal Florida, a few steps from the neighborhood of Santa María La Blanca. (We picked a great location again, though, unlike last time, this hostel was the real deal!)  So, we started out by having dinner at Vineria San Telmo, a tasty tapas restaurant located in Santa María La Blanca. That area is one of the many hot spots for restaurants and bars in center Seville, by the way.

One of the things that took me by surprise is that a lot of people speak English in Seville. There are a lot of tourists from all over the world and, of course, lots of Americans—some restaurants have even added American items to their Cartas (menus) and these are sometimes in different languages. Having a menu in English was a plus. Sometimes, even I have trouble figuring out what they mean. Ha ha! But in the case of Chris, he is learning quite fast and is less stressed about it now (in fact, I think his favorite phrase now is “No pasa nada”— just ask him what it means and he will tell you all and more about it).

We also had a chance to go to a small local Flamenco show Thursday night. It was at a local, more intimate bar where everyone seemed to know each other…and we stood out like a sore thumb. It was fun.  I love Flamenco and the Spanish guitar, and so does Chris, so it was a great time.

But the big show was last night. We went to an apparently popular flamenco show at Casa de la Memoria, next to hotel Alcantara. This show sells fast and easy, so we were lucky to get some seats (though not the best seats because people beat us in getting there super early, still good). It helped that we visited the Museo del baile flamenco (Flamenco Museum) early that day because it helps you have an even greater appreciation and better understanding of flamenco dance.

We also visited the Alcazar and the Cathedral (both were closed for the day, though). The cathedral is gorgeous. Amazing. I hope nobody got hurt building it.  We rented a boat and later a “special” bicycle and rode it around the park. It was such a cool experience.  It was not possible to go to all of the spots we had hoped to go to, but we’ll be back.

Pictures from Seville

Seville has so much history it is impossible to get to know it well in just one weekend, but we were sure to take in as much as we could. I didn’t get a chance to visit Southern Spain in my college years, and now I know just what I was missing. Córdoba and Seville, both regions of Andalucía, look somewhat the same in terms of design, climate, and culture. But, as I said, there was just something about Seville. I fell in love. Me encantó.


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