Alicante: Beach, Food, and Good Shower Pressure

Three things I will remember from this trip. First of all, Alicante (or Alacant in Valencian language) is not exactly the spot to be during “off season” days—it is a modern beach city with tall buildings and a great (and loud) nightlife, like Miami. Despite the weather, we had a fun weekend.


I liked the whole picture: the palm trees everywhere, the blue Mediterranean sea and the seagulls, the harbor, the smell and sound of the ocean, the vibe of the nightlife and the diverse groups of people (it reminded me of Barcelona). And, of course, I loved Alicante’s gastronomy—lots of seafood and rice. mmm 🙂

We stayed there for the weekend and, even though it was not beach weather, I didn’t mind sitting or walking by the ocean. It is beautiful. I can only imagine how much fun it is in that part of Spain during summertime. I’d just make sure to reserve a room on the last floor of a hotel (preferably very high up) with sound-proof walls because it gets loud out there! (Night goers go to and come from the disco at any time of the night…)

Alicante is a big city…can’t visit many spots in one weekend. Well, I think the main attraction is the beach anyway. But we enjoyed ourselves and we visited some other things, including Paseo de la Explanada, Castillo Santa Bárbara (Santa Barbara Castle) and Parque el Palmeral (El Palmeral Park). The park is big and family-oriented, but nothing to die for. The view of the city and the ocean from the castle was beautiful. Again, there were not a lot of tourists because of the season, so we kind of had the whole place to ourselves. It felt very peaceful.

Oh, the water pressure was remarkable, that’s why I had to mention it. 😀

Some pictures of Alicante


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