What customer service?

Customers talking to a Relationship Manager du...

Me: (seeing that the agent was free, I walked up to his window) excuse me, we’d like to exchange some tickets.
Renfe Agent 1: for what day?
Me: for tomorrow.
Renfe Agent 1: Oh you have to get a number for ‘Departures in Advance’.
Me: (Looking around) But you’re free, can’t you just help us?
Renfe Agent 1: No, this is for ‘Next Departures’.

Dazed and confused, I follow orders. With ticket in hand:

Me: Hi, we have a round-trip ticket that we’d like to exchange for two one-way tickets.
Renfe Agent 2: (He sighs) Well we charge an extra 10% for this service.
Me: (What?!) In that case, can you just cancel the tickets and process the purchase as new?
Renfe Agent 2: That’s an extra 15%.
Me: (WTF) Then we’ll exchange.
Renfe Agent 2: What time did you want?
Me: Morning.
Agent Renfe 2: And this is to Cordoba, right?
Me: Actually, destination is Madrid.
Agent Renfe 2: (Big sigh) Ok, so that’s more updates now.
Me: Uh yeah, and it’s for two.
Agent Renfe 2: (Pauses) What do you mean?
Me: OK. What I want is to exchange this round-trip for two one-ways to Madrid.
Agent Renfe 2: Wait, so you want me to change the dates, time AND destination???
Me: Of course.
Agent Renfe 2: (lets out a HUGE sigh)

This is how my conversation with two customer service agents at the train station Renfe went today. Spaniards are nice people; they just don’t care too much about serving you. I actually experience this more than you can believe in Spain, but I found today to be very especial, so I had to blog it. 😀

As defined somewhere on the Net: Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.

Not up in here, for sure…NOT up in here!!


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