A Night in Segovia

What a pretty town. Short train ride from Chamartín, Madrid (about 30 minutes), we made it before sunset and spent the day and night there.

I’m not sure what I focused my sight on when I visited Segovia back in 2003. Once back this past weekend, I realized that the view of its countryside is beautiful. It reminds me of Tuscany. Perhaps its resemblance to some parts of Italy has something to do with the fact that Segovia was once conquered by the Romans? Possible. It is a very romantic little city, too.

Segovia's Aqueduct

El acueducto (The aqueduct) was built under the Roman power and it is the city major’s attraction. I think it’s pretty incredible how they built it; however, I would say the Cathedral is where the beauty is.

Cathedral of Segovia

I have never been inside, but the outside is breathtaking. The history behind these ancient cities is just fascinating. I’m all around captivated by it!

Chris had the chance to try the famous Cochinillo (suckling pig), a typical dish of Segovia —which by the way was delicious.

This is more or less what it looks like (this one looks a little beat up).

Português: Leitão de Segóvia, um prato espanho...

Some people have the full baby pig and they bring the whole thing to the table (all cooked, of course) and it just looks very interesting. It does taste good, I must say. I wonder if PETA is aware of this practice… Oh well, a girl’s got to eat!

We enjoyed our short time in Segovia. It is a very small city, but it has good shops, restaurants and bars, etc. We were even thinking about possibly spending Christmas there…we’ll see. That cochinillo is tempting.

(Ok, I should leave this blog now before I pass out on this chair. Super tired.)

On that note, ¡Feliz Navidad!


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