Que difícil es hablar el español (funny video)

A very funny, VERY clever video about “how difficult it is to speak Spanish” (and not just according to the Anglo people; this is also true even for native Spanish-speakers). Not exactly “speaking” Spanish, but “understanding” the different varieties should have been the title.

If you’re familiar with the different dialects spoken in Spain, Latin, Central and South America, this video is a must see (it’s in Spanish). If you speak Spanish and you have experienced any language confusion before, ¡Te vas a morir de la risa! Maybe not, but it’s so true! And if you don’t speak Spanish, don’t let this discourage you I think Spanish language rules are the easiest and have the most straightforward pronunciations of all languages. As for the dialects, it’s just a matter of clarification. 🙂


One thought on “Que difícil es hablar el español (funny video)

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