Meanwhile in Siesta Land

There are four people staying here in my piso right now, three of which are taking the siesta and the other one is a búho that never sleeps: me. I’m wide awake—even though I am as (if not more) tired. I don’t know what it is about afternoon naps; I’m not too fond of them.


Let me give you a scenario. Yesterday on my ride home from school, around 2:20pm, I was sitting on the back and the whole time I was doing one of those involuntary nodding things, when you’re falling asleep in a vertical position (a.k.a against your will). My coworkers had their (per usual) good conversations going and I didn’t want to seem rude, but the more they talked the more sleepy I got. I could not wait to get home and collapse in my bed. I was sure that this time I was going to take that Spanish nap.

Well, I got home and goodbye sleepiness! And that’s the story of my life. What’s even weirder is that I may be awake after a situation like that, but I’m really shut. I do function better (ideas flow best) at night-time, too, so I wish that I could sleep during the day and stay up at night.

BUT! Play music, show me a movie, or engage me in a conversation on one of those afternoons and I sure as hell will fall asleep…pronto. It’s so strange.

Anyway, maybe I’m totally sleep-deprived because I miss out on these much-needed siestas. I should take advantage all of this time I’m in Siesta Land because Lord knows there will be none of that once I return to the United States of America—land of the workhorse! 😀


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