Being Back in the States

Well HELLO my readers!

It’s been a week since I returned to the United States from Spain and so far it has been great. I miss my short-lived life in Spain at times, like the other day sitting outside at a restaurant here in Philadelphia and it was so quiet. I guess I was getting used to the casual alborotos (uproar) of bars and restaurants in Spain. I miss seeing the beautiful architecture, and most of all, I miss the inexpensive way of living!

But there are also times when I totally enjoy being back, like the other day when I walked into a cell phone company to get my service re-stored and it took the representative about five minutes to complete everything and send me out the door. I was like, wow, that was fast! Has it always been this fast? And just yesterday, when I went to a CVS pharmacy—for the first time since I’m back—and I was ready to stand in line when I spotted a sign that read “Self-Check-out.”  I remember this! In and out, I was. Feels good to be back.

There’s a list of things that I forgot about, it’s so funny. You may think you weren’t even gone for that long and that you’re just going to pick up where you left of, but turns out the world has changed a whole lot since you’ve been gone. I will talk more about that later…

This note is actually to say thank you for following me on my adventure! I spent a total of 286 days in Spain (I counted it), not 280 as I thought I would. (That’s six more days of glory!) Also, I realized that I haven’t written about my trip to Oviedo, Santander and Bilbao, Valladolid and my time living in Madrid, which happened in my last month in Spain. I will write a little bit about my experience on here, but for the next few days I will focus on detailing everything I have posted on Vado a Spain plus a load of new information in a different kind of form:

I am writing an eBook.

English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de...

There’s a whole lot more information that I feel I can pass on, information that others can benefit from, too. If you notice, there’s not enough information about hotels, hostels, restaurants, food of places I visited in Spain, airlines, the Auxiliares program, etc. And Lord knows I have a lot to say about that. That in part is due to 1) lack of time and 2) I didn’t want to make my posts so long (which might’ve turned boring) and send the readers to the next click! 🙂 So, I thought, hey let this be my first eBook (the first of a couple other projects I’m working on). Hopefully, I will be able to provide free copies of my travel book to the readers of this blog, but for now I’m still working on it and can’t wait to get it out to a broader audience!

This blog is still going to be here because I will keep traveling; not necessarily to Spain, but I will keep traveling and I will keep writing. I have enjoyed it a ton!

Some of your questions and comments have inspired and helped me, so I’d love some feedback; what you’ve enjoyed about Spain, what you’d like me to include in my book…I don’t want to forget anything!

Thank you all.

¡Hasta luego!


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