Back to Alicante

The weekend of April 27 was a long weekend for me (Spanish holiday until Tuesday, May 1st) and we thought it’d be ideal if we went to the playa and sat in the sun and walked on the sand. But Spain’s weather wasn’t cooperating—every single weekend of the last few weeks of April and beginning of May, it’s rained. It looked something like this on the weather map:

The north looked like a watery mess and the south…well, we’ve been to most places in southern Spain already! Thus, chasing the sun, we ended up in Alicante…again. Although it was better second time around — temperatures were higher (maybe low 70s) — it was pouring on Saturday. In the end, we couldn’t completely escape the rain.

But while it was dry we visited places we had left on our first trip there because of the cold weather. La Marina, for example.

Sunday, the sun was so radiant, it was much better. I even got sunburned.

We walked around most of the time. This big boat on the Marina is a restaurant, just like Philadelphia’s Moshulu.

The food was great; fish, shrimp, clams, oysters and of course, paella Valenciana were some of the foods we had. And I spotted this interesting salad which shared my last name:

Ensalada de Capellán. The search for my ancestors is over — now I know where my last name came from: a fish. ha ha. That’s not true, by the way. But other than my family, I personally don’t know anyone else with my last name, so this got me excited.

And this is what the Capellán Salad looked like. Tomatoes, olives, a very salty fish (called Capellán) and olive oil. I had to have it! It was good actually. Very fresh, but salty fish indeed!

On another story, here’s a funny picture of Chris “crashing a wedding.” 😛

We were having ice cream somewhere and suddenly spotted a wedding. The most random things pop up out of nowhere (just like there was ANOTHER protest on the streets on Sunday). This wedding was on Saturday and the poor bride had to carry out the festivities in the rain.  So Chris invited himself to the wedding, in his shorts, and got closer and closer…


Here’s something else I thought was cool; a 3D sidewalk.

I don’t know the name of this passage by the beach, if it has one. But it’s muy interesante walking it.

Finally there’s the Alicante casino, which natives seem to hate because it is “too ugly” and blocks the view of the marina. I don’t know what role it plays either because we went inside and…I doubt it is making Spain a ton of money. There’s a 3 euros cover charge just to go in, but what if you just want to check it out to see if you’d want to stay, and then end up not liking it (like we did)? Yeah. Absurd.

By the way, this is what Spain looks like now. 😉 Warming up quickly! I love it.