My Second Visit to Burgos

I’ve been busy falling asleep everywhere. But I’m back with more stories! Two weekends ago I re-visited Burgos, a beautiful small town-city with yummy food and pretty parks in Northern Spain. Burgos is situated on the River Arlanzón, to the west of Logroño (which I visited that weekend, as well) and southwest of Bilbao.

For the longest, I had no recollection of Burgos other than it being very cold (it was on a February when I visited) and there being a park with “weird” trees by the river. But when I went back last weekend, I remembered. The name of the weird trees, by the way, is still unknown to me but they are everywhere, famously and strategically placed at El Paseo del Espolón forming a tunnel, which ends at the Teatro Principal and the square of the Cid.

Paseo del Espolón

Burgos has many historic landmarks, including the University of Burgos and the Cathedral of Burgos.

The Cathedral is absolutely stunning, in and out. Well, most of Spain’s old-fashioned buildings and cathedrals are to die for. (Where did they find the money to build such hugeness?!) I don’t know, but if I went to a church like that to pray—every time pray was due—I would’ve been all distracted by its grandeur the whole time! It’s hard to keep your eyes from such incredible details.

Anyhow, I’ve been blown away by Sevilla’s cathedral because it is so big and pretty, certainly. But I think Burgos’ is more beautiful. The Cathedral’s Gothic architecture, the style of architecture prevalent in Spain in the Late Medieval period, makes it stand out. Burgos has a couple of good museums, which I didn’t get to visit unfortunately, and I hear that its modern transportation system rocks.

Sometimes walking on the historic little streets of Spain I feel like I’m traveling back in time. They have done a great job preserving their monuments, landmarks and such. Spain really is beautiful.

It had been raining in Burgos the first night Chris and I were there, but that didn’t stop us from going out. The nightlife looked good. We actually enjoyed the nightlife the first night and went to the cathedral and parks the next day.

Catedral de Burgos

For dinner, we went out for some cordero (lamb) and morcilla, typical foods of Burgos. Delicious, simply delicious. Then we walked a few blocks toward Calle de San Juan, area in which we found a bar on every corner. And all this while under the rain. I know, bummer. But I had my little black hat with me so it wasn’t so bad (since the 2, 50€ umbrellas we bought were useless).

Español: Morcilla de arroz - Morcilla de Burgos

Morcilla de arroz - Morcilla de Burgos

We stayed in Burgos for just one night and part of the following day, so time was very limited. The next day we walked around Paseo de la Isla, a big beautiful park with pretty flowers, monuments and trees. (Though I didn’t visit it this time) the Palacio de la Isla is situated in this park; it was Dictator Franco’s headquarters during the Spanish Civil War.

I enjoyed Burgos. From what I can remember, it is the second prettiest city in Castilla y León (the first one being Segovia…or it might be Salamanca). Anyway, it was a good time—two-day stay is more than enough to see Burgos. Logroño was next!