Flying to Spain

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I got to Spain on the 21st, but this is when I am finally finding time to post what I have written:

Madrid 20, 2011

Today I flew into Madrid from JFK airport. My flight was scheduled for 10:20PM US Eastern Time and I made it to the airport in just about enough time to sit at a café with my boyfriend Chris and my friend Jima. We had a good time.

Unfortunately, when I got there, I realized that my luggage might had been over the weight limit. Luckily, a cautious me brought a huge trash bag in case I needed to send something back home — ha ha! You just never know with airports these days.

At check-in, I got in line hoping for the best. When my turn came, a very rude agent assisted me. My luggage was over the limit for a few ounces other times before and the employees were very kind about it, but not this guy. His main concern was the payment (something he didn’t even know how to explain in the first place), not my satisfaction as a customer. I was willing to take some items out of the luggage and send them home — since I had that plastic bag — but my boyfriend Chris insisted we just pay for it.

Long story short, my stubbornness would not allow me to pay the $120 fee they were asking for in order to cover two overweight bags when I knew I could bring down the weight by just eliminating a few things I didn’t particularly need. So I told the guy I’d go weigh my maletas myself and see what I could take out.

That was the best decision we had made in those 20 something minutes we wasted trying to reason with the guy. The airline policy (AirEuropa, by the way) already explains the limitations, but the guy was very apathetic and rude, making the stressful experience even more stressful. There was no need for that.

Anyway, before we reached the door to go to where the car was parked, we (more like, my boyfriend) decided to get back in line and just pay the difference. This time we got a different agent (thank god) and she was more reasonable — and nice. My carry-on weighed 13 kilos and the limit was 10kg. But, unlike Mr. Rude Guy, the new agent accepted my suggestion to take some books out to bring it down to 10 kilos. It brought it down to 10.08 actually, but she didn’t seem to be too bothered by that and I ended up paying for just one luggage ($60). I would’ve much preferred not paying for any, but $60 is way better than $120!

Despite that stressing situation, we managed to still have time for a drink and appetizers. It was nice getting to relax a little with friends before boarding the plane. Oh, and I almost forgot; waiting to go through security was insane! It is not ever a smooth process, but this was intense. It was the most disorganized airport-related duty I have ever experienced (and in turn it made me reconsider flying with AirEuropa gain). I thought I was going to miss my flight, but the airline pushed the time back a little and I think most passengers were able to get on board. That was a relief.