My 2011 Christmas

This year, Christmas was special in different ways. 1) I spent Christmas without my family for the first time in my entire life; and 2) I spent it in Spain! Something I’ve been trying to experience for a long time. But, there was a little problem. One of our friends was on her way from Toledo and the plan was for all of us to get together after dinner and go out to the club. I was a little tired after dinner (too much walking wears me out) and decided that I needed to take a “power nap” while we waited. Well, I passed out and didn’t get up until the morning. I had told them to wake me up, but they didn’t. I guess that was nice.

It’s a shame I missed out on the Christmas’ Eve nightlife in Madrid, but I’ll be awake for New Year’s. I better be.

As for dinner, it was something new for a Noche Buena. I share the same tradition as Spaniards and, on Christmas Eve, we have a feast. My mom usually goes all out and makes a lot of tasty dishes. All the moms in my Latino family spend the whole day cooking (they enjoy it…somewhat), listening to some Musica de Navidad, sipping on some eggnog or wine, while the children bother the crap out of everybody and the young adults run errands, help out and go around for last-minute shopping. The preparation is part of the fun. God, I missed that chaos…

This Christmas, my boyfriend, brother and I were lucky to find a Thai restaurant open (we love Thai food). Spanish restaurants are shut down on this night. Luckily, our dinner was delicious and we had some good champagne and good laughs.

Christmas 2011 will be an unforgettable one for sure. There’s no place like home for the holidays, but I think we’re making the best of it.