Back to Seville I Went

So I haven’t updated my blog in forever. It’s hard to find inspiration when you’re dying—I have now completely recovered from a cold—or the flu? -- thank goodness! (Honestly, I had almost forgotten how good it feels to feel good). But, yeah, I’m back to being my healthy self! 🙂 Over the past two weekends, … Continue reading Back to Seville I Went


I fell in love with Seville

Sevilla: What Dreams Are Made Of Oh, Sevilla. There’s something about Sevilla. ¡Que ciudad tan encantadora! Lovely city. Thursday evening Chris and I arrived in Seville for the weekend. I must say, there was an instant connection between us; its weather and its vibe. I fell in love with Seville! Like everywhere else we’ve been … Continue reading I fell in love with Seville