I have NIE!

It is a beautiful day today in Ciudad Real, about 80°F. It’s my day off and I was sure to make good use of my free time. I went to the bank, the Internet company, the cell phone company, and I went grocery shopping! Well, I really just went to Mercadona (the local supermarket) for water and toilet paper. 🙂 All by foot. There’s a lot of walking involved and I totally love it.

What else have I been up to…

Oh, last Friday (another day off), I woke up early to go to my appointment for my

The front of a Spanish national identity card

This is a DNI. The NIE looks slightly different. Image via Wikipedia

N.I.E. (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros / Foreign Identification Number). I got there early and there was not a long wait. I presented my passport, payment receipt of the 15€ fee , two passport-sized photos and the letter the school had mailed to me when I was in the States — the lady had actually asked for my “empadronamiento” (a document stating the length of stay in Spanish territory) which many people register for when they get here although some say it is not necessary, and I didn’t register for that. Anyhow, I handed her the letter from my school, which states everything they need to know, and she was fine with that. She processed my information and told me to go back within 35 days to pick up my ID.

Well, I needed that document to open a bank account in order to be able to apply for Internet (weird), in order to be able to get a cell phone contract and, most importantly, in order to get paid! So, when she said I had to wait 35 days, I almost fainted. But then she gave me a slip that contained all the information, including my NIE number. Phew! She said I should be OK applying for a bank account with that receipt, as long as I also showed my passport. By the time I left the facility, it was a little late to go to the bank; I decided to wait until Monday.

So I was very excited this morning that I would be able to get all this done. However, while I did get to open an account and order a cell phone (because apparently that also is a slow process), the Internet is going to have to wait a little because I need to speak to my landlord first (unless I want to pay a much higher installation fee). That was a bummer, but  at least I now know what I need to do. C’est la vie.

¡Eso es todo, amigos!