Top Five Favorite Spanish Expressions

To be perfectly honest, my very favorite Spanish expressions are kinda “offensive” to society; therefore, I will refrain from posting them on here. I should have named this post my top five favorite PG-rated Spanish expressions. Either way, here they are. “Que tonto eres” It literally translates to “What a fool you are” or “Fool, … Continue reading Top Five Favorite Spanish Expressions


Que difícil es hablar el español (funny video)

A very funny, VERY clever video about "how difficult it is to speak Spanish" (and not just according to the Anglo people; this is also true even for native Spanish-speakers). Not exactly "speaking" Spanish, but "understanding" the different varieties should have been the title. If you're familiar with the different dialects spoken in Spain, Latin, … Continue reading Que difícil es hablar el español (funny video)