Saludos: etiquette I like about the Spanish culture

Greetings! One of the etiquettes that I like most about the Spanish culture is the greeting. In the Spanish culture, people greet even when they arrive at the most random places, such as a hospital waiting room. There are different ways to say hello. Hola is the most common and general way. But you can … Continue reading Saludos: etiquette I like about the Spanish culture


Top Five Favorite Spanish Expressions

To be perfectly honest, my very favorite Spanish expressions are kinda “offensive” to society; therefore, I will refrain from posting them on here. I should have named this post my top five favorite PG-rated Spanish expressions. Either way, here they are. “Que tonto eres” It literally translates to “What a fool you are” or “Fool, … Continue reading Top Five Favorite Spanish Expressions