To Spain I go!

Bandera de Castilla-La Mancha (España)

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It only took me like two years to complete the process, but I am finally moving to Spain! So how did I score this opportunity? Well, I’ll explain how it all began first.

When I was a junior student in college, I received a letter in the mail congratulating me for being eligible to participate in a study abroad program. I was ecstatic. That was a big deal for me because, except for the United States and The Dominican Republic, I had never been abroad—and I mean abroad. Besides, I knew the experience was going to take me places, which it has.

For the program abroad I picked Spain. Aside from being the least expensive program offered, it had been a wish of mine to visit one day. It would be my first time away from my family (I was homesick for most of the five-months journey). But the experience was exceptional. I learned so much from it and, once I got back home (and somewhat forgot about how much more difficult Bureaucracies can be in Spain), I promised that I had to go back to Spain one day. I needed to go back and take it all in and enjoy what my nostalgia didn’t allow back then.

So I always looked forward to job opportunities abroad (specifically in Spain) after that. Since I was almost done with school, I did not really want to go back through a study-abroad program again. I contemplated so many opportunities and, in the process, I came across a Mass email message from the director of my Spanish department at Rowan University. It was about a program called Auxiliares de Conversación (language assistant) in Spain. That was back in 2008. I had been trying to do this program since.

I researched it. It sounded great. I wasted no time and applied right away.

They got my application for the 2009 school year, but I didn’t follow up due to personal reasons. Then I re-applied in 2010, for the 2011 school year, and this time I did follow through. I waited a while for a response. (It is a lengthy process.) But I got accepted!

Other demands of the program

I was a little surprised about the age requirement for the program. Apparently, in Spain, it is OK to deny employment based on age—you gotta be under the age of 35 to have a fair chance. Anyway! I meet the age requirement and I’m just glad that I’ll be able to do it.

I got placed at a school after a month or so of being accepted. They informed me that I’m going to be assisting at a language school in Bolaños de Calatraba, in the Ciudad Real region. I’m looking forward to that.

Once I got my letter of acceptance in the mail, it was time to apply for the visa (another tedious process, which I explain on the next post).