Uvas and Champagne at Puerta del Sol

My first Spain post in 2012! Yay. First of all, do you want to know how hard it was to get a table at a decent restaurant in Madrid for New Year’s? We didn’t find one, that’s how hard! Most restaurants were either completely booked or closed on New Year’s Eve, and the ones that remained open and available didn’t seem too appealing. Plus, the prices were ridiculous for what they were; the “special” menus in central Madrid went from 70-195€/person. Um, do I also get a cow with that? Yeah…

Chris and I ended up just hanging around Puerta del Sol and, had I known the magnitude of this night, I would’ve booked a hotel reservation (months in advance, of course) right on that square because being down in that crowd was CRAZY.  It was fun, just a little insane. (Nothing like NYE at Time Square though.) The cops barricaded the plaza from almost all streets after 10pm, so there were only maybe two entrance points after that.

It got totally jam-packed in there quite quickly. We went out to grab something to eat and drink and by the time we came back it was pandemonium. We finally got to an open spot right in front of a pizzeria and we stayed there. We were having a great time, drinking champagne from GIANT plastic cups. The vibe was beyond incredible, and we didn’t stop talking about how much fun it would be going there with our usual group of friends. Then, the inevitable happened: I needed a restroom! Imagine being in a line where you moved one step every five minutes… Exactly. (That was the line that wrapped around Hotel Europa.)

I had to turn around after approximately 10 minutes of being stuck in the crowd and never reached my destination, it was impossible. But it’s OK, I went to the next street, Calle de la Montera, which was more accessible, and there was luckily a hotel. The front desk person was nice enough to allow me in, but on my way out I saw him locking the main door. ha ha!

Then eating the 12 grapes of luck at 12:00 came about. I just remember eating the grapes a few minutes after 12 (does that count?) because I got distracted on the phone. Well, everything happened quite fast. If there was anything other than a big crowd getting together at the plaza, drinking and having a good time, then I must have missed it.

We took the subway to Atocha afterwards and met with my brother and his friends to dance the night away at club Azucar. Again, I missed the rest of my family very much, but I had a really good time on NYE.

¡Feliz Año!