Tragic Train Accident in Galicia

I wish this didn’t have to be the comeback of Vadoaspain after a long hiatus, but this news is so tragic and shocking I just had to post something.

It’s been reported that over 70 people have lost their lives on a Renfe Alvia train traveling from Madrid to Galicia, and more than 130 are injured.


I’m not in Spain right now, but I can still breathe and feel the Spanish air and warmth. It’s like a second (or third?) home to me and I miss it dearly. So, naturally, when I heard the news, a wave of sorrow came over me. Not only is all of the above true, but I also have family and friends in Spain (one of them from Galicia) who could’ve well been on that train. Life is weird. And let’s not forget that me and my boyfriend were hopping on a Renfe train (coincidentally an Alvia or Avant) on a weekly basis, so it really gave me chills.

I am so, so saddened by the news. I’ve been able to see firsthand how families call their relatives when the train is approaching its destination and how they wait anxiously at the lobby. The thought that some of them won’t be able to see their daughters, sons, wives, girlfriends, etc. alive for a last time just breaks my heart in a million pieces.

So sad. Hope the survivors fully recover and the victims rest in peace.

Lo siento mucho, mucho España. Que descansen en paz.