Our weekend in Cordoba, Spain

This past weekend Chris and I embarked on our first official mini-trip.

By the way, this is an incredible experience and we love every moment of it!

Ignoring the order on our itinerary, we spontaneously planned to go to Sevilla (instead of Halloween in Madrid) for the long weekend. We’ve done that—sudden change of plans— dozens of times back home in the US, so we were certain it was going to be okay. What we seemed to have forgotten was that we now don’t have a car and that hotels and trains need to be booked in advance for holiday weekends, especially when half of the country goes on vacation.

We began searching online and absolutely every hotel we wanted was completo. Well, there were some available hotels but they had last-minute price tags on them, which are usually quite expensive. (Considering how relatively cheap it is to stay anywhere in Spain, that is.) We searched for a good while and found nothing. That was bad enough, but then we checked the train schedules and prices…

Long story short, Sevilla got back to its original place on our itinerary. Next time, Seville!

We thought about sticking to our original plan and just go to Madrid. We could’ve gone anywhere, but we wanted to go somewhere warmer. So I grabbed the map and picked a city: Córdoba, home of the famous Mezquita (Mosque). Not too far south, not too close north. Besides, it is closer to Sevilla so we could have easily hopped on a train. The weather is nice in Córdoba and it is a city with some great architecture and interesting history. It was a bit difficult again finding last-minute train tickets and a hotel even for Córdoba, but we managed to find something at a reasonable price. Not too bad.

Can I just say that I love the excitement of getting all packed and ready to travel? I do! (I don’t love the “packing” part too much though.)

Anyway, we got to Córdoba in less than an hour. It was a relaxing ride. The city was more “touristy” than what I had expected, but we enjoyed it very much. We visited the magnificent Mezquita-Catedral and some other spots. The architecture everywhere is mind-blowing.  Everything is just so pretty.

We took pictures and I’m posting some below. Enjoy!

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