De Carnaval en Cadiz!

Español: Cabalgata de Reyes Magos en El Puerto...

February is for carnaval in Spain, a festivity many look forward to — children especially. I always wanted to go to Cádiz for carnival because people have really promoted it over the years. Finally, I had the opportunity to go there last week and it was a lot of fun.

I must say it was nothing like the Carnaval de La Vega in Dominican Republic — which I think it’s one of the best things you’ll find in the Dominican Republic — or nothing like Brazil or Tenerife‘s (as seen on TV). But I thought it was fun. In Cádiz, it seemed that during carnival weeks, people from all over go there in groups and take over the city, literally. There wasn’t a single hotel available in Cadiz, reason that Chris and I had to stay in El Puerto de Santa María, 30 minute train ride from Cadiz. Driving is probably a shorter distance — too many stops on the train. Both, El Puerto de Santa María and Cadiz (and surrounding ports) are places that I would visit mainly for the beach.

So these groups of friends wear matching costumes and parade up and down the streets. Some were playing al pañuelo on the beach, sitting at a bar, while the most famous performances of Cádiz carnival took place on almost every corner of the city: Chirigotas, satiric groups singing about politics, topics in the news, and everyday circumstances in Spain. They’re pretty funny, but speaking Spanish doesn’t guarantee that you’ll “get” the joke; understanding the culture, maybe.

On Sunday night of the weekend we were there, they held the “Cabalgata” — a parade with giant floats, performers, among other things. It was great to watch. Here are some of the pictures.

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